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Your website is a conversation

Your website is… a conversation! No, really. The best websites in the world are built around the conversations that those companies want to have with their customers.

This is especially true when you’re in professional services, or just services in general, because a lot of the time your prospects won’t even know that they need your service until they’ve had a few conversations and done some research.

If you map out the conversations that you want to have with your customers, then it becomes super-clear WHAT your website should aim to say and, more importantly, WHEN it should start saying it.

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WEB DESIGN IS BROKEN But with a little bit superglue and some TLC I’m pretty sure we can fix it.

Your website is a conversation so this is really guiding how I’m thinking about websites and it’s a thing that I want to share with you as well because if you’re starting in the process of you know having a new website built or if you’ve got one currently and you’re wondering what to do next, I think this way of thinking can really help you guide what to do and how to do it.

What do I mean when I say your website is a conversation? Well this came from a consultation that I was having with some prospects and they were showing that they have the same frustrations a lot of people have when they’re buying websites. They didn’t really know where to start, there was a lot of terminology that they weren’t too sure about and they weren’t sure what to do with this kind of strategy and that kind of strategy.

You know I said look forget about this term and that term or you know all of these other things, these are just features. Focus on what kind of conversations you want to have with your customers and with your prospects, what key things happen in those conversations, what are the common questions people have, what are the points where they’re most likely to buy, where do they need more information.

If we can map out that conversation or those conversations then that will serve as a structure for your website and this really really helped them understand not only what things they wanted to say on their website but where their website sits in that chain of conversation.

They generally meet their prospects in real life and the website kicks in after they’ve got to know each other, built up a little bit of a relationship, introduced their products and services and then that person now wants to go and do their own research, make up their own mind about whether these guys are the right fit for them.

So I put it to you, what kind of conversations do you want to have with your customers and with your prospects. Write that down on a piece of paper, all the different conversations you can think about and then at each point pull off like where do frequently asked questions come in, where is the best point for you to ask them to get in contact or check out, donate whatever it might be. If you think about your website in terms of the conversations that you have, well then you’re gonna have better conversations with your clients, with your customers, with your prospects and that is gonna be better for business.

My name is Aaron Taylor, I’m helping you to make better decisions and have better conversations when you’re buying a website. Until next time.

This is episode 8 of Web Design is Broken, a series where our CEO Aaron explores the issues with our industry and helps you to make better informed decisions when it comes to your website. Our company, Six Two, specialises in web design in Ashford Kent.

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