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Your business is a cake

Too many people think that a website is a magic bullet for their business, but it’s really just an ingredient in the delicious cake mixture that is your business. I’m Aaron Taylor, CEO and Co-founder of Six Two and I’m going to explain how you can make better decisions when buying a website by looking at your business as a cake and working out which ingredient your website is.

Why are you doing this in the first place? What has convinced you that the thing you need is a website? That’s what I will be tackling today in this vlog.

The industry has done a remarkable job in convincing people that a website will solve their problems and it is a must have when running a business. This is completely untrue – many businesses have become successful without needs to buy a website. I am going to prove this by using cake.

A cake is made out of ingredients like your business. There are going to be some really important ingredients that will form the foundations of your business depending on the type of business you are running. A website might be the egg or the flour. For businesses like Amazon their website is the egg, the flour and everything else that goes into cake.

You need to figure out how important a website is to your business. Don’t fall into the trap of ‘build it and they will come’. It’s a case of build it, make it useful to people and promote it, promote it!

What I am saying is put your finger into the big gooey mixture bowl of your business, taste it and work out what else you can put in to make it taste better. See how your business is a cake by watching the video below.


WEB DESIGN IS BROKEN why are you even doing this in the first place? why
are you doing this? what has convinced you that the thing
you need to change your reality, the reality of your business is a website?
That is what we are tackling today that’s what I’m gonna jump into right
now. Why do people think that they need a website? What problem do they think it’s
gonna solve? Stupid question! But there’s no such thing as stupid questions… Here’s where it
starts: next to de Beers, and maybe Coca-Cola actually let’s add Apple to
that as well, the web design industry has done a remarkable job at convincing
people that they absolutely, 100% – and definitely if you’re running a business –
you need a website. I mean I’ve talked to people who have
said “well you know what Aaron if you don’t have a website you don’t have a
business” Oh I’m sorry because back in the 70s
there were no businesses?! Goldman Sachs didn’t make all the money before they
got a website – that was a bit that unlocked it for them. It’s
completely untrue! I’m gonna prove it to you today using cake: your business is a
cake – stay with me – your business is a cake. What is a cake? In this case lightly
fruited a cake is made out of ingredients like your business is made
out of ingredients and there are gonna be some really important ingredients
like the egg or the flour or the sugar – otherwise you’re just making bread – then
but there are gonna be some really important ingredients that will form the
foundation of your business now depending on the type of business that
you’re running. You might need the website might be
the egg, it might be the flour I mean if your Amazon or if you google
then your website is kind of the egg the flower and whatever else goes into cakes
What does go into cake? Egg white ,12% sultanas, palm oil [struggles to say ‘humectant’]
don’t know you can see this [still struggles to say ‘humectant’] someone tell me what is
humectant why is it my cake… your website might be the egg it might be the flour the website is maybe it’s the
light-fruit that brings all of those other ingredients together you’ve got
certain capabilities based capabilities within your within your business and
the website is another ingredient to add to that to make the overall cake better
but you’ve got to figure out what ingredient it’s gonna be and how
important it is to you to to your business and how you want it to change
your reality. You’re trying to change something about the day to day you’re
trying to unlock some new capability don’t fall into the trap of build it and
they will come. ‘if I have a website then I’ll definitely start getting new
inquiries from people that I don’t know’ Completely wrong! It’s not a case build
it and they will come is it’s build it and then make it useful to
people and then promote it promote it promote it promote it. There is a shortcut
to that start opening your wallet and saying ‘here Google have my money’ If
you’re not entirely 100% sure about how you want this website to change your
business then don’t bet the farm on it like don’t even bet the allotment. Do
something simple, focus on other areas of your business look at what else you can
improve what other ingredients you can add to the mixture that are gonna raise
the profile overall. What I’m really saying is take a finger and stick it
into the big gooey mixture bowl of your business
give it a taste and then think what else can we put in how else can we make it
better. My name is Aaron Taylor I’m helping you make better decisions and
have better conversations when you’re buying a website till next time.
[definitely can’t say ‘humectant’] silly name anyway…

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