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WordPress Basics – updating menus

WordPress is the content management system we use for all of our websites to help make it easy for you to update your website. We want to empower you to feel confident enough when you’re in the backend of your website and know where/how to edit each part of your site.

In this blog we’ll cover how to update the different menus on your website, adding new items into the navigation menu and custom links.

How to find the navigation menus in the WordPress backend

To review your existing navigation menu/s for your website, go to ‘Appearance’ in the left hand sidebar and select ‘menus’. This will take you to the editing view where you can either edit, reorder, add or remove items from your menus.

Selecting a menu

At the top of this view, you will see a dropdown where you can select a specific menu to edit. You’ll likely have options for your main and mobile menus, and possibly your footer and socket menus, depending on how your site is built.

Once you have selected the menu you’d like to edit from the list, click on the grey ‘select’ button.

This will open up the specific menu you’ve chosen so you can see the overall structure and layout of the menu. From here you’ll be able to review what pages and links are currently in your menu.

Selecting a menu - episode 4 WordPress Basics series Six Two

How to add a new item (page or custom link)

If you are looking to add a new item into your menu, you’ll see a selection of options on the left hand side of the page where you can select which pages, posts, custom links and categories to add into the menu. To view the items in each section, click on the arrow to open up a dropdown window with a list of options.

To add a new page either search for a page or select the page by ticking the box next to the page name and press the ‘add to menu’ button. This will add the page as a new menu item and it automatically adds it to the bottom of the menu. You can drag and drop this item into the position you want.

To add a custom link, enter the url and name you’d like to appear on the menu under ‘Custom links’ on the left hand side. Then click the grey ‘Add to menu’ button when you’re ready and it will be added to the menu.

Creating a dropdown menu

To create a dropdown list within your main navigation menu, drag an item into the correct place you’d like it to display in, move it slightly to the right left so the item is indented underneath the item above. This will then become a sub-item of that page and will appear in a dropdown on the front end. Multiple items can be added underneath the same item.

How to update or edit a menu item

To update or edit an existing menu item, click on the item you’d like to update and an expanding option box will appear. Within this box, you can edit the URL users are taken to when they click this item in the menu, the label that appears in the menu and if you’d like it to open in a new window.

It’s important to remember that if you are linking to a different website or a file in the media library, to tick the open in a new window box so users aren’t taken away from your website.

How to edit or update a menu item - WordPress Basics, Six Two

Saving changes

Once you have finished making your changes, click the blue ‘save menu’ button on the right. Go to the website, do a hard refresh and you’ll be able to see your recent changes live.


Keep an eye out for the next blog in our WordPress Basics series to learn how to edit existing content, add new elements and paste content without formatting. 

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