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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an essential tool for any website owner. It tells you how many visitors you’ve had and exactly what they’ve been doing on your website, giving you valuable insights into how your website is performing, what’s working well and what could be improved.

This is episode 8 of Jargon Busted, a series our COO Helen demystifies common website terms in just 2 minutes. Our company, Six Two, is a web design agency based in Ashford Kent.


Hi, welcome to Jargon Busted where in two minutes you’ll learn what a piece of website jargon actually means. Today I’ll be telling you about Google Analytics.

Google Analytics allows you to see exactly what your visitors have been doing on your website, how many visited, whether it was their first time or they’re returning and whether they stayed or bounced from your site, which would imply that it wasn’t what they were looking for or it didn’t connect with them.

It tells you how they got to your site, whether they went there directly, found you in Google or via social media or an advert, so you can see what channels are working.

You’ll see how many visitors access your site using a phone, tablet or laptop which is really important; if 80% are using a phone, your design should really be considered from a mobile-first perspective.

Crucially, you can see what pages your customers looked at, how long they spent on each page and which ones converted, so you can understand what’s connecting with your customers and apply the lessons from the pages that are working to the ones that aren’t.

Google Analytics is added to your website via a unique tracking number and accessed through logging into a Google Analytics account with a Google account or email.

Over the years, I’ve heard countless nightmares from customers with ex-employees or web designers who’ve gone off, sometimes innocently, other times intentionally, with log-ins to the analytics account meaning that no-one can access the data. To avoid this, make sure you have a Google company email address that has full Analytics admin permissions and save these log-in details in your password vault.

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