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What is a Website Brief?

Behind every good website, there’s a good website brief. It’s the starting point for sharing your goals, objectives and requirements and any key background so a potential supplier can draft a proposal or solution that gives you what you want and need. Watch to find out some of the key things your website brief should include.

This is episode 18 of Jargon Busted, a series our COO Helen demystifies common website terms in just 2 minutes. Our company, Six Two, specialises in web design in Ashford Kent.


Hello and welcome to Jargon Busted. Today I’ll be talking about website briefs.

A website brief needs to communicate the background goals and requirements for your website to a potential supplier so they can understand what you’re trying to achieve and recommend the best way to get there.

Start your brief by setting the context of who you are, what you do, what makes you different, what your marketplace is like and any other relevant background.

Then, be clear on your website goals; do you want to increase enquiries, sales or sign-ups? Share the results you’re currently getting and your ideal targets, for example: we’re only getting two bookings a month and we’d like at least five.

Explain any key issues you want to solve, for example, we meet a lot of customers who are embarrassed by their site because it looks quite outdated or it takes them ages to make simple content changes.

Cover your website audiences; these are the key visitors you’re trying to attract, for example, new or existing customers, partners, peers or even potential employees. As well as any hard facts that tie them together, such as location, age, role, things like that, what matters to them? Why do customers or candidates want to work with you?

Time and budget’s also important to tackle early on. The cost of websites can literally range from three to six figures so it will save you a lot of time if you can be upfront about what your expectations are or a top range you’re comfortable with, as well as when you’d ideally like to get your new site live.

That’s all I have time for here but check out the links below for further reading. I’m Helen from Six Two. Subscribe or follow us for next week’s episode. Bye for now.

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