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What is a domain name?

If you need to buy a website domain name but aren’t quite sure of the best way to go about it, watch this 2 minute video to find out what they are and how to buy, renew and protect them for your business. A few simple things done now can help prevent a load of stress and inconvenience later down the line.

This is episode 1 of Jargon Busted, a series our COO Helen demystifies common website terms in just 2 minutes. Our company, Six Two, specialises in web design in Ashford Kent.


Hello and welcome to Jargon Busted, the series where every week you’ll learn in just two minutes what a piece of website jargon actually means. This week’s topic is domain names.

So, domain names. A domain name is the address of your website, for example: google.com. Typically you choose a name that’s the name of your business or brand, or words your customers search for, like London taxis.

Domains end with an extension that you can also choose, such as .co.uk for UK businesses, .com for international or American businesses, or .org for charities and not-for-profits.

You can purchase a domain name easily from a domain registrar like 123Reg, Names or GoDaddy, and we always recommend buying your domain name yourself rather than asking someone else as you’re then the legal owner. It gives you more control and generally just makes things easier.

Domains tend to cost around £10 – £20 a year. It’s not a one-off cost; it’s more like renting. You can get a domain from between 1 to 10 years, and after that you do need to renew it. If you don’t, someone else such as a competitor could snap it up, so it’s always best to set your domain name to auto-renew.

Also, if you’re a UK business, buy the .co.uk extension but also buy the .com version if it’s available; it will help to protect your name and brand.

That’s it. I’m Helen from Six Two. I hope this has been helpful. If so, subscribe to my YouTube series so you can catch next week’s episode. Bye for now.

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