web design is broken

Web design is broken

I’m Aaron Taylor, CEO and Co-founder of Six Two and I think the web design industry is broken.

I’m going to help you to make better decisions and have better conversations when you’re buying a website.

I want to shine a light on something that I think is quite unique to my industry and something that I know when we started Six Two we definitely took advantage of. Our industry is full of amateurs with the entry rate to becoming a web designer being as small as owning a laptop, compared to becoming a lawyer which takes 6 years just to practice law.

We’ve got a whole generation, a whole demographic of businesses and entrepreneurs that are trying to buy web design but struggling and failing ultimately because they don’t know the fundamental questions to ask and they don’t know those questions because we haven’t bothered giving those questions to you. We’re leaving our customers behind.

The team here at Six Two are on a mission to empower people with the information they need to make better informed decisions when they are buying a website.

Find out why I think the website design industry is broken by watching my full vlog. Look out for more vlogs to come in the series.

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