“You really know how to make your customers happy”

Katie Charlton, Peck Nutrition


Project Manager

Kathleen oversees the delivery of our client projects, providing support and guidance throughout the project to ensure each stage runs smoothly and efficiently. She enjoys outdoor activities and socialising with friends and family.


CEO & Co-Founder

Our Key Person of Influence, Aaron is making things happen for the business through networking, speaking at events and developing marketing collateral. Enjoys a good barbecue, cycling and playing games through a VR headset.


COO & Co-Founder

Helen develops our business processes, standards and partnerships and is ultimately responsible for ensuring all our clients have a fantastic experience. She enjoys cooking, running and playing zombie based board games.



Our junior developer Lucian loves coding things up to be pixel perfect. He enjoys going to the gym, travelling and playing video games in spare time.

“I love the work you’re doing. It’s well thought out, well connected and nicely structured.”

Craig Bardenheuer, Create Innovate Operate

Ben W


Our developer Ben enjoys collaborating with other members of our team to bring the clients visions to life through web design. He welcomes a challenge and enjoys reading, 3D animation and coding in his spare time.

“It’s not just the delivery of the end product, it’s about the customer service and you guys understand that.”

Katie Nicholls, Pavelka


UX/UI Designer

Mike enjoys thinking outside the box to produce bespoke designs for our work and takes time to collaborate with our developers to bring his visuals to life. He loves Star Wars, gaming and Wagamama’s.

“Professional, quick and most importantly, we reckon, easy to get on with”

Katy, Grizzly's Custom Bikes


Project Manager

Kathryn looks after our clients and their digital marketing strategies; planning, scheduling and leading the team so we can deliver what we set out to achieves. She helps shape our business strategy and marketing as we continue to grow. She enjoys spending time outdoors and discovering new local food and drink.

“Your customer service is a breath of fresh air.”

Mike Burton, Chief Technology Officer, Cripps



Megan manages our marketing for the Six Two brand. She’s in charge of creating content, growing our social media and network and organising events. She enjoys music, movies and spending time with her family.