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SSL (HTTPS) for WordPress Websites

What Is SSL And Why Should I Care?

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer In short, it is the ‘S’ in ‘HTTPS’. It adds a layer of encryption between the client (you) and the website you are browsing on, making sure that only the client can decrypt the data being received.

Any private information such as credit card details being sent to the website should always be encrypted via HTTPS. However, there is an increasing trend in websites using HTTPS regardless. Even if your website is not taking credit card details or anything else personal, there are good reasons to add HTTPS to your website such as the following:

Even non-technical people recognise the green padlock in the address bar with trust and reliability.

Password protection
If users are logging into your website with a password, they may also be using that same password for online banking or other accounts that could have personal details attached to them. Potentially, you could be facilitating a security breach by broadcasting those credentials publicly.

Google has officially announced that HTTPS is used to help rank your website and rewards you for doing so.

A common argument against SSL is that is can slow your website down. While that is true due to the process of decrypting takes milliseconds, large businesses that are speed conscious still use SSL such as Google and Facebook.

Free SSL Solutions

While there are SSL solutions that have varying levels of encryption that will cost extra, there are free solutions out there.

Our favorite is LetsEncypt. It does require you to have SSH access to your server but is easy to setup. You can purchase a VPS to host your website on with Digital Ocean.

The other less technical way is through Cloudflare which also has some other great features that could help your website such as DDoS protection, a CDN (content delivery network), added security and optimization.

If you would like more information about SSL certificates for your website, feel free to get in touch with our web design and development team.

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