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How long do you have to capture someones attention on your website?

You’ve got about six seconds to give someone a reason to stay on your website. If you don’t, then they’re gone.

If you can convince them to stay that long, then the chances are they’ll give you several MINUTES of their attention.

But so many businesses fall at the first hurdle, because they don’t give people a clear, immediate and compelling reason to stay on their website. And all that time and effort that they’be spent designing a website goes to waste.

They fail because they aren’t able to succinctly articulate the value they create, or why they’re different/better.

They don’t have a clear value proposition.

But they could. And from my experience, they probably already do… Y’see when people have to write down what they do, why they’re better, it normally goes like this:

Paragraph one: Waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle waffle blah.
Paragraph two: [GOLD] waffle waffle waffle waffle blah.

It’s that first sentence of the second paragraph that’s usually the killer. And that’s what your visitors need to see as soon as they land on your homepage.

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Web design is broken and the insurers aren’t even gonna cover it because I’ve only got third party go figure. Six seconds, six seconds is all you have when a person lands on your website to convince them to stay.

Do you know how short that is. Six seconds let’s go six, five, four, three, two, one, boom. Like literally if you don’t have someone’s attention and if you don’t give someone on your website enough of a reason to stay in six seconds then they’re gone and that’s it they’re gonna bounce they’re gonna hit that back button.

So how do you convince people to stay longer than six seconds, you give them a value proposition. So what is a value proposition, it’s a statement of the value that you’re gonna bring to that visitor. What it isn’t is a slogan. It’s like if you go into the Nike website and it said high-performance sports clothing and equipment for the new generation of athletes something like that. That tells you what they do.

So the question is how do you find your value proposition. A lot of businesses out there might have this already but if you don’t here’s a little trick that you can do to find it and the trick is read the content that you’ve written already because so many times what I see when I’m looking at people’s websites, when people are asking me for advice it’s that they start off when they’re trying to describe their services or their product, they describe it normally like two paragraphs.

First you’ve got like the headline and the headline can normally be thrown away then you’ve got like this first opening paragraph about what it is. It’s always like airy-fairy and there’s solutions and there’s engagement and there’s excitement and all sorts of things like that.

And then you get to the second paragraph and the second paragraph is like I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a creative process where you need to like hammer out some ideas to get to the end point and you to go through this process of getting all the first ideas out of your head because they’re normally just obvious and then once you’ve got those first ideas out of your head then you start getting to like the real deeper meaning and so this happens in the second paragraph.

I’ve seen it time, time, time, time and time again and the first sentence of the second paragraph they tend to sum up so beautifully and so succinctly what it is they do and what value they bring to their customers that you know the amount of times I’ve said okay first sentence of your second paragraph take that let’s put that at the top of the page front and centre because that is it you have nailed it there.

So if you want a nice, quick and easy way to figure out your value proposition if you haven’t already got a couple of paragraphs worth of content on your website then write a couple of paragraphs about what it is you do, why you’re better than the competition, I guarantee you the first sentence of the second paragraph you write is gonna nail it.

My name’s Aaron Taylor I’m helping you to make better decisions and have better conversations when you’re buying or improving your website till next time.

This is episode 13 of Web Design is Broken, a series where our CEO Aaron explores the issues with our industry and helps you to make better informed decisions when it comes to your website. Our company, Six Two, specialises in web design in Ashford Kent.

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