WordPress website transfers


If you have an existing WordPress website you want to keep, but it’s no longer possible to work with your current website developer, you’re in the right place. With over a decade of experience behind us, we're one of Kent's leading WordPress experts. We can transfer, support and improve your WordPress website to leave you feeling:


You're working with one of Kent's leading WordPress agencies


Your site will be audited for security and performance


About the improvements we can suggest and deliver


You’re regularly and proactively kept up to date


Our working relationship is just as important as the website. We take the skills and knowledge we’ve built up over the last 10 years and throw in a healthy mix of honesty, common sense and business ethics. If you work with us, we promise to:

Listen carefully

We'll listen and understand before making any conclusions.

Talk honestly

We'll say if something is or isn't the right thing for you.

Think creatively

Your business is unique - your website should be too.

Enjoy it!

We take our work seriously, but have fun along the way.


How we can help

Website transfer

Case studies


Cripps Pemberton Greenish

Cripps Pemberton Greenish transferred their bespoke website to us in 2014. Some of our achievements include helping to increase traffic by almost 70% and eliminating days of unnecessary admin per month.

"Your customer service is a breath of fresh air."

Mike Burton, Chief Technology Officer, Cripps Pemberton Greenish

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Simms transferred their WordPress website to us in 2017. Since then we've fixed pre-existing bugs, achieved faster loading speeds, provided greater insights into their website performance and improved the site over time.

"Six Two are a pleasure to deal with and their WordPress expertise is second to none."

Graham Hutchins, Marketing Manager, Simms

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Becket Chambers

Becket Chambers, one of Kent's leading Chambers of barristers, transferred 3 WordPress sites to us in 2019, seeking a more proactive level of support and maintenance, improved security and ideas for ongoing improvements.

"We recently switched our services to Six Two and have been very impressed. Everyone has been professional, friendly and proactive."

Paul Eaton, Senior Clerk, Becket Chambers

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Alongside your website, we can also design a professional logo to make the right impression on your customers, or evolve your existing logo so it’s still recognisable but refreshed and modernised.

Our digital marketing services including SEO, PPC and conversion rate optimisation will help you reach and convert new customers. We can also help with e-newsletters, brochure design, leaflet design, advert design, social media, copywriting, video, photography and CRM and marketing automation.


How it works

Transferring your existing WordPress site to us is safe and hassle free. Here's how it works:


We perform our initial audits and reviews of your existing WordPress site, looking at your security, code base, load speed, SEO, usability and design.


We implement any security fixes that need to be in place before we can transfer your website to us, and fix any high priority existing bugs causing you grief.


We move your website to our server and test that everything’s working - particularly any interactive customer features such as forms and payments.


Depending on your priorities and goals, we’ll work in iterations to improve the functionality, design, customer experience and administration of your site.


We hold regular reviews to understand the impact of any changes based on your Analytics, and suggest more ideas to improve performance further.



How long will a transfer take?

It typically takes around 1 month to perform our audits and any fixes required. The actual transfer only takes 1 day and doesn’t involve any downtime. We can go quicker for smaller sites without any special functionality and where we’re not dependent on the availability of 3rd parties. Give us a call for a quick estimate on how long it’ll take to transfer your website to our team of WordPress experts.

What costs are involved for a website transfer?

It tends to cost between £395 and £1,995 + VAT for us to perform the audits, any high priority fixes and transfer your website to our hosting platform. If you have a small, simple brochure site that’s in good condition, it will be towards the lower end. For bigger, more complex sites that are in poorer condition, towards the high end. Get in touch for a tailored quote to transfer your website to our team of WordPress experts.

Is it better to keep my existing site, or start from scratch?

This depends on the state of your current site. If there’s more good than bad, it’s generally more economical to keep it. If there’s more bad than good, then normally better to start from scratch. The key areas to evaluate are the design (does it look modern and on brand?) the user journeys (can customers easily find what they’re looking for?) WordPress (is it easy to edit your content?) the functionality (does everything work as it should?) the code base (does it follow modern best practice?) and security (are there any weak points or vulnerabilities?). Get in touch for a professional evaluation to see which route’s better for you.

Can we definately resolve the outstanding issues?

Many clients who transfer their websites to us have a snagging list of issues; some small, some big. As WordPress specialists since 2010, there are few issues we’ve not seen and solved. Our technical team are adept problem solvers, patiently untangling and simplifying code into discrete working parts to identify the route cause and fix the issue. We’re always mindful of whether the time and effort needed to fix an issue is worth the value of fixing it; sometimes, finding an alternative solution can be better value.

Can I keep my domain name and SEO value?

Yes. If you already have a website, keeping your domain name is straightforward – all we’ll need is your domain login details. Keeping your existing SEO value is also possible with the correct migration plan, which is particularly important for older or larger sites to maintain the hard-earned SEO value you’ve built up.

How do we look after you?

You’ll have a dedicated Project Manager keeping everything on track and giving you regular updates in plain English. You’ll know what’s been done, what’s up next and anything we need from you. We track every request and question so nothing falls through the cracks. Your project manager will keep looking after you after the initial project is complete, organising reviews and catch ups so we stay in tune with your business and you get the most out of your website.