New project managers Jeremy and Kathryn spill the beans

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Jeremy and Kathryn, project managers at 6-2 design.

Helen: Guys, it’s been great having you in our team these past few months. We’ve seen such a transformation. Work was great before, but I’m now super excited every day about what we have the potential to achieve. There’s a spring in my step. I’d love to take this chance to find out a bit more about you and how you’ve been getting on here.

Q. Let’s start with a biggie – what have been the biggest influencers in your lives?

Jeremy: Every action I take is informed by my personal faith and the simple directive that summarises it: love your neighbour as you love yourself. It sounds simple, but implementing this idea in daily practice is complex and touches all areas of human existence. I don’t pretend to have mastered it, but it has offered wonderful and exciting opportunities to develop and grow, both personally and professionally.

Kathryn: I admire anyone who has the courage to fly in the face of convention and use their skills and passions to help other people and make their way in life doing something they love. Richard Branson has already coined this one perfectly “There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.”

Helen: Some pretty profound stuff there. Jeremy, I share your belief in loving your neighbour as you would yourself. I try to live my life by that principle and I hope we’ve imbued 6-2 design with it too. Kathryn, what you said about passion and making your own way in life strongly resonates with why we started 6-2 design, and why we love coming into work each day. Not that we’re lacking in passion, but I think Jeremy’s ‘free project days’, where we all get to work on a project of our own choosing to help the community or just because we like it, will fire us up even more!

Q.What kind of things do you care about? What gets you out of bed each day?

Jeremy: As a software development project manager and a digital animator, I love to work in the areas of intersection between art and tech. In fact, I believe the two areas are inseparable if a product or service is to be truly complete and useful. I am also passionately vocal about the necessity to implement Agile methodologies within the creative industries. Too many projects in the creative industries are still conducted as though technology and requirements were static and permanent, and that just isn’t the case. Changing this attitude is key to improving processes and ultimately efficiency and quality.

Kathryn: I’m driven by the need to find something new in every day. There’s not always the opportunity for learning and exploration to be epic, but even small things can be life changing. I love being outdoors and one of my biggest passions is exploring new places – hiking, running or kayaking or even better, on holiday doing all these things!

Helen: Yes, working Agile is helping us to be much more efficient and creative as a business. Weirdly it also seems to make work more fun! Who’d have thought that better processes = more fun. I bet project managers across the world will rejoice hearing that. And I completely relate to the excitement and challenge of learning new things. It’s rare a day goes by at 6-2 without learning something new.

Agile scrum 6-2 design

Working Agile has made us more productive and creative. It’s also made work more fun.

Q. What’s it like working at 6-2 design? And spill the beans – what’s the best and worst thing about working here?

Jeremy: 6-2 design is unique for a variety of reasons, but the most striking is that we listen. We listen to our clients, and we listen to each other. This allows a higher level of information and idea sharing than I have have seen in any organisation so far in my 20 year career. Consequently, daily problem solving is a joy rather than a chore, because we all pitch in to help. Oh, and we drink a lot of tea.

Kathryn: I love working at 6-2 design. We’re a really tight-knit team and you can see the positive effect this has on the quality of the relationships we have with our clients and the work we produce.

We work using scrum (an agile software development framework) which means we work in time-bound phases known as a sprint. We agree together what we’re going to achieve in each sprint and we work as a team to achieve the sprint goal by individually taking on pieces of work (user stories) that make up that goal. This approach reinforces team achievement and means that you get the opportunity to get involved in lots of different things, using your unique skills as well as building new ones.

It’s great to be part of a small but diverse team where there doesn’t seem to be anything we can’t solve by putting our heads together and using everyone’s skills and experience.

The only time we’re not in synch is the tea round – as a low volume tea drinker I’m definitely not reaping maximum rewards here!

Helen: Wow, tea is a big deal in this office. I wonder what it would be like if we switched to coffee with 5 x the caffeine… no, that scares me. Let’s stick to tea. And Jeremy you totally dodged the question on the worst thing about working here… I’ll have to grill you on that later 🙂

Q. What’s the most exciting or challenging thing you’ve worked on since you joined 6-2?

Jeremy: When I joined, I thought that implementing Agile Scrum methodology would be a big challenge. In reality, the team adapted so quickly and easily to Scrum that it has been a challenge to find creative ways to drive efficiency and quality even further. How refreshing it is to be plagued by such “problems”!

Kathryn: My background is in marketing and campaigns so I’m really excited about a course I’m signed up for to learn more about HTML and CSS which is really going to help me with a deeper appreciation of the development side.

Helen: Process and code are cool. I don’t care what anyone else says. Let’s embrace our inner geek and be proud.

6-2 design web developers kent

We love code. (And tea).

Q. What skills and experience do you bring to the team?

Jeremy: I am a project manager, a Certified Scrum Master and a trained digital animator. In the course of my extremely diverse career, I have worked for corporate, government and non-profit clients across a number of industries in Europe, Asia and North America, but the majority of the projects were related to tech or creative media in some way. Some of the more interesting projects were one of the first UK b2b platforms, an animated university e-learning website and vfx on the last Harry Potter film.

Kathryn: I’ve enjoyed various exciting challenges during my ten years in marketing and communications. I mentioned earlier that I like to learn new things,which has influenced my path and given me a connected but broad set of skills and experience, including project management, account management, event management, leading a team of designers and campaign planning and implementation.

Helen: All skills and experience I have very much come to appreciate since you’ve joined. Thanks for taking the time to talk and share guys!

6-2 design web design team

The whole 6-2 design team. Left to right: Steve, Kathryn, James, Jeremy, Helen and Aaron.