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How to win the Game of Websites

Welcome to the Game of Websites. You probably didn’t even know you were playing, but you are. You’re playing the game where you compete with other websites for clicks, shares, comments and custom.

The companies and organisations that get the traffic, convert their visitors and get linked are the ones that focus on making their websites more useful than anyone else’s. What does that mean for you? It means you the more information and content you create the better.

In the end, the way to win the game appears simple: make your website more useful than your competitor’s sites. Give your audience more stuff than the everyone else in your industry. Give them the information they need to work through their challenges, identify their symptoms and solve the problems their facing. In the end they will reward you with their trust, referrals and business.

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WEB DESIGN IS BROKEN That was a lot harder than it looked! And then don’t worry; it was a terrible pencil anyway… Today we are going to talk about how to win the game of websites: that is how to actually make yourself stand out in the crowd online.

This whole thing came around when I was giving a talk recently called ‘Empower Your Website Empower Your Business’ What I was trying to do was help people understand that the difference between some of the most successful companies online and everyone else.

What I did was talk people through how to delegate responsibility to their website to get their websites working for them as a more effective member of their team, not just being a shopfront but actually being a salesperson and, a promotional person and things like that.

When I asked the audience a few things that they want their websites to help them do one of the things that got the biggest kind of consensus was stand out: they wanted their websites to help them stand out. We talked around this for a little bit and we took some examples from what I consider to be standout websites I’ve seen in and around the industry and also that I’ve had the privilege of working with.

One of the things that it dawned on me during that which was so remarkably simple so unimaginably obvious was what I think is the real key to winning this game of websites: you ready for this? Make your website more useful than the competition’s. That’s it that’s it: make your website more useful than the guy next door, then the big multinational player.
How do you do this? Well it’s pretty simple: give people more content then anyone else is really willing to do. Some of the most remarkable websites to stand out not because they’re winning awards for some fantastic cutting-edge design, but because they’re just way more useful then then the next guys.

Look at it like this Amazon at its core is an e-commerce website but it is way more useful why because they stocked way more products: they go to the ends of the earth to make a product ecosystem that means that you can buy literally everything from A to Z.

On a much smaller scale for you as a smaller business as a medium-sized business you’ve got to remember that people are going to your website not because it looks great but because they’ve got questions they need answering they’ve got problems that they want to try to solve, they’ve got symptoms that they need to identify, so you’ve got an opportunity as a business to give people more information than your competition is willing to, and that will make your website you more useful than the competition. And that is how you win the game of websites.

My name is Aaron Taylor and helping you to make better decisions and have better conversations when you’re buying a website. Until next time…

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This is episode 9 of Web Design is Broken, a series where our CEO Aaron explores the issues with our industry and helps you to make better informed decisions when it comes to your website. Our company, Six Two, specialises in web design in Ashford Kent.

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