how to spot a cowboy

How to spot a (website) cowboy

I’m Aaron Taylor, CEO and Co-founder of Six Two and I think the web design industry is broken. I’m going to give you 5 ways you can spot a web design cowboy to help you to make better decisions when you’re buying a website.

Going on to Google and looking for web designers in your town seems like a logical thing to do but there is a high chance that you will end up talking to a cowboy due to the amount of amateurs in the industry.

These 5 tips I will talk you through will help you figure out whether they are a cowboy up front before you go too far down the line where money, time and effort is involved.

  1. If they won’t meet you face to face for a meeting and refuse to talk to you through any other medium except email.
  2. If they take forever to get back to your emails or won’t answer your phone calls.
  3. If they don’t ask enough questions in order to find out about your story, your business and its needs, the problems your website will solve and what you’re hoping the potential outcome will be.
  4. If they don’t ask about your customers and how you want/need to serve their needs.
  5. If they are talking about visuals too early – if they talk about fonts and colours in your first meeting then they will not solve the problems at hand instead they will just make something pretty which has no use to your business.

To hear about these 5 tips in more detail, watch the video below.

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