form vs function

Form vs Function

So many people try to jump straight into the visuals when they’re buying a website. I get it. It’s the exciting bit. It’s the bit that makes it seem real but it’s also the worst possible place to start your web project.

In this video I explain how your website works is way more important than how it looks. If you focus on how it works, what it does and how it makes people feel then how it looks is kind of by the by.

There is a three stage process to launching any business, service or product:

  1. Make it work – if it doesn’t work no one is going to buy it
  2. Make it feel good – you’ve got to make people feel good when using it
  3. Make it look good – you’ve got it working and people love using it so now focus on how to make it look visually appealing and make the overall experience better

To find out about the three step process, watch the video below.

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