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Editing site menus in WordPress

Editing your site menu may be something you only need to do once in a blue moon, but it’s a must if you want to get your visitors in the place they are looking for as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, the WordPress menu editor makes it quick and easy to edit your menus with a fantastic drag and drop interface.

Note: By default, you need to be a WordPress administrator to edit menus. Otherwise you may not be able to follow this tutorial.

Login to your WordPress site backend, generally located at (Note that some site administrators change the directory for security reasons, you should ask your developers if you are unable to access the default url for administration.)

In the left hand navigation sidebar, hover over “Appearance” and click “Menus”.

You will now see a view simillar to the image below.

Editing site menus in WordPress blog - Six Two Tech

The top section seen below is a selector to choose the menu you wish to edit. There may be a few options in here if you have footer menus, sub navigations or sidebar menus.

Editing site menus in WordPress blog screenshot - Six Two Tech

When you have selected the menu you want to edit, you can add pages to the menu by searching or selecting the page you want to add and clicking “add to menu”.

You can change the order of the menu items by dragging them up and down the menu view.

Editing site menus in WordPress blog image - Six Two Tech

For multi level menus, you can drag the menu item so that it appears indented under the item you want the dropdown to come under.

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