Create a conversational website

Learn how to create engaging, conversational content for your website

Websites that flow like a natural conversation help visitors to really get to know you before you even meet. Websites that take a conversational tone help to build trust and make it easier and more comfortable for your prospects to get in touch and move to the next stage.

We’ve developed a series of workshops that will teach you how to create engaging, conversational content in a structured way, so that you can build more trust through your website, create more engagement, help more prospects and generate more enquiries.

If you’ve ever struggled writing content for your website, or you’ve no idea where to start then this is the course for you!

What is it?

Over three, one hour, online sessions you’ll work with Six Two CEO, Aaron Taylor, who will guide you through the theory and the practical aspects of planning and authoring your conversational website.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set great goals for your website (hint: you need to know what your customer’s goals are too!)
  • The principles of conversational website content
  • How to structure your website like a sales conversation
  • The six pages every website needs (Minimum Viable Website)
  • How to write keyword-optimised content that doesn’t sound naff
  • What the Pillars of Content are and how to build them
  • How to reveal the hidden customer questions that drive their decisions (and write about it)
  • And more!

Why should I listen to you?

We’re Six Two, a small but mighty web design company here in the heart of Kent. Over the past decade of planning, designing and building great websites we’ve noticed that the best performing websites are more similar to a sales conversation than a sales pitch.

The websites that engage the most and generate the most enquiries are also the most helpful; the authors understand the visitor’s needs and have taken the time to answer their questions.

We’ve studied these websites and turned what we learned into a framework and a process that guides you through all the steps you need to take to produce an authentic, conversational website.


Show me a video

Watch a short video of Aaron to see a snapshot of what we’ll cover

How much does it cost?

There are three types of workshop:

1 hour group session (3 minimum) + feedback £49

In this one hour group session you’ll learn about the Principles of Conversational Websites set some goals and dive right into building out your Minimum Viable Website. You’ll also get a 15 minute feedback session once you’re part-way through your content.

1 hour 1-2-1 session + feedback £89

Same as above, but it’s just you in the workshop which means you can spend more time delving into your customers, your business and website.

3 hour 1-2-1 masterclass £249

Three 1 hour sessions that really get under the skin of your website. You’ll get deeper into the theories behind the Principles of Conversational Websites and take a thorough look at the structure of each page in your website. You’ll also get expert guidance on keeping your content SEO friendly as well as detailed feedback on your content overall.

I’m in. Where do I sign up?

Just here. You know what to do…

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