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A year ago, we embarked on what has turned out to be one of our most enjoyable and satisfying projects – creating a website for Magpie Dance, a contemporary dance charity for people with learning disabilities which has carved out a national reputation for its exciting and inspiring approach to inclusive and creative dance.

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Magpie Dance, a contemporary dance charity for people with learning disabilities, helps to transform lives.

Magpie’s mission is: ‘Unlocking individual potential and ability, to be at the forefront of dance for people with learning disabilities”. Founded in 1985 by Artistic Director Avril Hitman, it has grown for 30 years from a single inclusive dance session for 45-minutes weekly to an acclaimed organisation delivering high quality dance experiences both nationally and internationally.

We were at a business improvement and growth course called the Big Network when we first heard about about Magpie Dance and got talking to Avril, their Artistic Director. As we learnt about the work they do we saw that we could contribute our skills to help them get support and take their amazing work to even more people.

Their old website was out of date and didn’t reflect the innovative and influential organisation that Magpie Dance had become over its 30 year history. It was difficult and time consuming to update so the team had to rely on social media, but this meant when people were seeking more information they couldn’t get it. The site just wasn’t generating interest any more.

One of our guiding principles is to give back more than we take from the local and wider community, so it was without hesitation that we offered our assistance to create a new, bespoke website integrated with a WordPress Content Management System for Magpie Dance. This was launched in January 2015.

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The home page of the bespoke website we created for Magpie Dance.

Elaine Foley, Operations Coordinator at Magpie Dance is responsible for the new site and gives us an update on how it’s made a difference to them.

“Because Helen and Aaron genuinely care about Magpie and what we stand for, they invested time to visit us in Bromley, learn about what we do, and transform our core mission and values into a visual equivalent. They strategically reviewed our business plan and posed all the right questions to our team in order to let our answers unveil the very essence of Magpie’s ethos. With these nuanced and high-quality interactions, 6-2 design was accurately able to understand what we wanted to achieve with our online presence. Our entire team agrees that the website perfectly represents what we do, and most importantly – it is clear, easy to navigate, fun to update, and very interactive.

Since Magpie’s new website went live, in the last month I’ve had over 10 new enquiries through the site alone, and many others that have come straight to us. Magpie has had more interest from students than ever before, and the number of people seeking to do interviews, volunteer, see our performances, join our classes, and complete work placements has increased so dramatically that I’ve had to completely revamp how I manage my time so I can ensure a chance to share the Magpie method with as many people as possible. I can honestly say that this website is a game-changer for our organisation.

In addition to the work that went into the design of Magpie’s website, Helen and Aaron went above and beyond to ensure that the Magpie team was supported in all phases of the process. They helped us to change servers, helped to troubleshoot through queries revolving around content development, and even check-in periodically now that the site is live, to make sure that everything is still functioning in ways that are best suited to our needs. We cannot thank them enough! It has been an exciting, informative and extremely worthwhile partnership. We recommend their services to any business wishing to streamline their brand, enhance their digital presence, and effectivize online interactions. Thank you.”

Visit the new Magpie Dance website:

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