The Pavelka House an online community based on Jessie Pavelka’s philosophy of ‘The Four Elements’. Since rebranding and re-designing their website, record numbers of new members have joined and engagement with forums increased by 250%

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Pavelka logo - Six Two web design client

The challenge

Pavelka’s mission is to help people achieve the lifestyles they deserve through a wholehearted, holistic approach to health. This is embodied by Jessie Pavelka’s philosophy of the Four Elements, which involves making small, sustainable changes to the way you Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect to break free of negative habits.

The Pavelka House is a community website that gives members access to a wealth of resources to help them lead healthier and happier lives. However, their previous website was several years old and needed improving. Whilst speaking to Pavelka about redesigning it, we also proposed a full rebrand, which isn’t something they had considered previously.

“I feel really confident that whenever I talk to Six Two, they’ve got my best interests and my company’s best interests at heart.

Jill Tipping Director, Pavelka Ltd
Brand and logo design

Bringing the brand to life

Pavelka’s old brand was created over 5 years ago, and due to how the company had matured and evolved it no longer reflected their personality and vision.

Our web design team in Kent designed a new brand identity with a logo icon of 4 swirls that represents the Four Elements of the Pavelka Way and a bespoke font that’s modern, bold yet still approachable. The colour palette of muted navy blue represents the importance of health, and the four vivid colours reflects the energy and excitement of the journey towards a healthier happier lifestyle.

After the rebrand, Pavelka saw a record 857 new members join the Pavelka House in the first 6 months. The rebrand has also given Pavelka more confidence and helped them make strategically important changes in their business.

857 new members in the first 6 months

“The rebrand has completely changed the look and feel of everything we put out there. It changed things for us. That was key.”

Jill Tipping Director, Pavelka Ltd
Website redesign

Improving the user journey

As part of redesigning the Pavelka website, we simplified  the navigation and designed cleaner layouts to improve the user experience.

One of the key revenue generating pages is the events page, where Pavelka advertise their upcoming paid boot camps and retreats. We designed a new events page with space for Pavelka to feature specific upcoming events at the top of the page, and in other prime positions across the site, resulting in a reduction in drop offs to the events page by a significant 35%.

Other achievements include reducing the bounce rate on the home page by 17%, increasing time on site by over 10% and increasing pages per session by over 16%, with more users staying on the site longer and visiting more pages.

Reducing events page drop offs by 35%

Increasing pages per session by 16%

“Web design isn’t just about the delivery of the end product, it’s about customer service. You guys understand that.”

Katie Nicholls Business Development Manager, Pavelka
Website redesign

Increasing engagement

One of the Four Elements of health is about Connecting with others. This isn’t just your family and friends, but other people supporting you in your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

By improving the layouts and designs of the Pavelka House website through a more ‘dashboard’ style design and simplified navigation, we made it easier for members to engage with other members, resulting in a 250% increase in visits to the forums. 

250% increase in visits to forums