Bigatmo design and manufacture high performance sunglasses. We created a site that beautifully showcases the brand and enables customers to digitally experience a high end product before purchase.

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Bigatmo glasses case study Six Two Tech

The challenge

Bigatmo are a high performance sunglasses brand; the brainchild of a British professional pilot who couldn’t find a pair of sunglasses that stood up to the tough demands of flying at 25,000 feet and decided to design his own.

Their first website didn’t reflect their brand values or the technical excellence of their product. Bigatmo approached Six Two web design agency in Kent to create a new site that would help them increase brand awareness, customer engagement and sales.

“Six Two have three things hard to find in one web agency: business intelligence, great design and superb technical skills.”

Alistair Carrie Founder, Bigatmo
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See the difference demo

Experience before you buy

Selling sunglasses online is challenging because most customers want to feel what it would be like to wear them before they buy, especially at the higher end of the market.

To enable customers to experience Bigatmo sunglasses before they buy, we created the see the difference demo where you can slide the cursor across an image to see the difference with, and without Bigatmo lenses.

“Six Two have continued to support us over the years with clever designs and solutions. The See The Difference demo is a great example of this.”

Alistair Carrie Founder, Bigatmo
Bigatmo surface case study Six Two Tech
The collection

Making it easy to choose

Bigatmo has over 50 sunglasses in their range. To make it easy for customers to select the right pair we broke the process down into three steps. Customers first choose between five different designs, then pick a lens type and finally select a model from a range of cosmetic finishes such as mirrored lens coatings.

By breaking down the journey into smaller steps and choices, it prevents customers from being overwhelmed and keeps them in the sales process. Customers can then purchase online through a bespoke designed e-commerce store that integrates with Bigatmo’s accounting stock management system, keeping admin to a minimum.