Brand building for Europe's leading shuffleboard maker

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The brief

SHUFL is the leading brand and manufacturer of shuffleboard tables, a game of competitive skill that’s simple to learn and hard to master. SHUFL’s tables can be found in over 1000 venues throughout Europe.

SHUFL had two outdated websites, and approached our professional web designers in Kent to help them consolidate their online presence with just one website that supported multiple languages with separate e-commerce stores for each country.

Their goals were to improve the user experience, build the player community and have full control over editing their website.

Our results

We designed a new bespoke website with WooCommerce for e-commerce. We achieved:

  • Website consolidation – using a WordPress multisite platform, there is one website ‘master’ with variations for each country/language, keeping everything consistent and in one place. Permissions were set up to ensure a master admin can edit all of the websites, whereas shop admins can only process orders for their e-commerce stores.
  • Evolved brand identity – we evolved the look and feel of the brand away from the slightly dated grungey look to something bolder and modern. We created graphics based on the design of the shuffleboard tables and pucks, which SHUFL can use across all their marketing channels for a consistent look.
  • Building the player community – the new site makes it easy for customers to find venues to play SHUFL, with an interactive venue map that hooks into the Google Maps API. Players can also get an instant overview of how to play, with a slideshow that explains each turn and the scoring rules.
  • Enhanced editing abilities – the website is fully flexible and customisable, meaning SHUFL can create any page layout variation they need without having to come back to us each time they want something a little different.
  • Easier to update – it was too easy for SHUFL to make mistakes when editing their old site. Their new site is much easier to update, with clear input fields and inbuilt instructions, so they know their changes will look how they expect.

If you’re looking to create a bespoke WordPress site with multi languages, interactive maps and venue finders, and/or e-commerce, we’d love to find out more. Get in touch with our team today.

"The new website is a huge step up and has received resoundingly positive feedback. Also the way you've laid out WordPress is amazing. It's so good knowing that what you're going to do is gonna look how you want it!"

Samantha Catford, Marketing Manager, SHUFL.

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