Supporting multiple languages from one WordPress platform

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The brief

SHUFL is the leading brand and manufacturer of shuffleboard tables. Operating in multiple countries throughout Europe, they wanted each one to have the best possible experience with a professional translated website.

SHUFL also wanted to avoid the overhead of maintaining multiple websites, so our Kent expert web designers recommended a WordPress multisite platform.

Our results

We built a new bespoke WordPress website for SHUFL using WordPress multisite. When the English version was complete, we cloned the site for the basis for the multilingual websites and WooCommerce stores:

  • Same design, different languages – each website shares exactly the same design, but can be professionally translated into a different language.
  • Option for different pages – because the content between each site is separate, if one of the countries doesn’t need a certain page, it can simply be deleted.
  • Multisite e-commerce – each country can chose which products it stocks, specify prices and currency, and integrate it with their payment provider.
  • Editing permission levels – a master level admin gives SHUFL the ability to edit all of the websites, and give retricted access to edit specific website(s).
  • Maintenance and hosting – with only one set of maintenance and hosting, ongoing updates are easy – changes only need to be made once.

SHUFL now have the flexibility and variety of multiple websites and permission levels, with the ease of just one central platform and code base to maintain.

If you’re looking for an WordPress multilanguage and multisite expert, get in touch with our friendly and responsive team today and let’s start the conversation.

"The new website is a huge step up and has received resoundingly positive feedback. Also the way you've laid out WordPress is amazing. It's so good knowing that what you're going to do is gonna look how you want it!"

Samantha Catford, Marketing Manager, SHUFL.

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