A multi-language site on a WordPress Multisite platform

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The brief

Rapesco is an international brand and supplier of office products. Previously they had six separate websites in six different languages, all of which needed separately maintaining and hosting creating significant technical and administrative overhead.

Rapesco wished to work with a new WordPress specialist in Kent and transferred their websites to us in 2017. To help reduce ongoing development and administrative costs, we suggested moving away from the six separate site setup, towards a single platform powered by WordPress multisite.

Our results

After moving Rapesco’s websites to our servers through our WordPress transfer service, we restructured their website architecture so that each of Rapesco’s six multi language websites lived on a single WordPress multisite platform:

  • Same design, different languages – the look-and-feel of each website is the same, but each website has its own set of pages professionally translated into a different language.
  • Translation of microcopy – we built a function to translate the design’s non-editable microcopy (such as button text and categories) into the relevant language.
  • Getting the right language – each site lives on a sub domain (fr.rapesco.com for French etc.) so Google automatically sends users to the correct site. We also designed a fall back menu option to enables users to manually select a different country or language.
  • Editing permission levels – Rapesco can login as a master admin to update any of the websites, or give restricted access to someone to update specific website(s).
  • Maintenance and hosting – there is now just one set of maintenance and hosting. Any changes made to one of the websites apply to all of them.

As a result of implementing multisite, we dramatically reduced the cost and hassle of hosting and maintaining six separate websites, bringing everything together onto one platform.

If you’re looking for an expert, responsive partner to consolidate multiple language websites onto one easy to maintain platform, get in touch today – we’ll be happy to provide advice and explore how we could support you.

"Excellent stuff! You'd done a great job of migrating the sites smoothly and getting them all onto the new platform. This has made my life so much easier!"

Tony Hill, Digital Project Manager, Rapesco

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