PI World

Building a new site for an investor news platform and modernising their brand’s identity

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The brief

PI World is a platform investors use to get the latest news and insights to listed companies through the video content they produce.

Their previous site had an outdated design and was hard for users to navigate around the site easily.

They approached our web design experts in Kent to create a brand new website that could help them grow their audience, improve user experience and modernise their brand’s identity.

Our results

We created a new bespoke website on a WordPress platform which achieved:

  • Improved user experience – we designed a simple but effective site that makes it easy for users to navigate around and find the investor content they need, resulting in a 2.48% increase in new users and a 11.7% increase in pages visited per session.
  • Modernise brand’s identity – we worked with PI World to enhance their existing brand’s identity by picking out the grey and red in their colour palette, incorporating it into the new site’s design to make it memorable amongst their competitors.
  • Growing audience – with the new website’s slick design and search functionality, we’ve made it easier for users to subscribe to their mailing list via adding a sticky button and receive their latest content first.

If you’re looking for a fully editable, mobile optimised and professional website for your business, let’s start a conversation and find out how our team can help you.

"Thank you to the team, and Mike especially for bringing this together. You have been fantastic."

Tazmin Freeman, Director at PI World

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