Bespoke e-commerce with CRM integration that saves hours of admin

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The brief

Envirograf manufactures a range of passive fire protection and prevention products. Their old website and e-commerce store was difficult for customers to use, and any website orders had to be manually replicated in their CRM causing hrs of extra admin.

They asked our professional web design Kent to design and build a new e-commerce website that was easier for their customers to use and quicker for their team to administer, through an API integration with their CRM system that would automate manual copying and pasting.

Our results

We designed and built a bespoke WooCommerce store with a CRM API integration:

  • Enhanced product search – we classified Envirograf’s products into more intuitive categories and subcategories, with quick filters and a more powerful product search by keyword or product number, helping customers find the right product faster.
  • Simpler, easier layouts – we designed a simple expandable layout with everything in one place so customers don’t have to scroll or get overwhelmed by too much information, helping them stay focused on the checkout process.
  • E-commerce API integration – any orders made online are automatically pushed from Envirograf’s WooCommerce store into their bespoke CRM system via an API integration, removing the need for manually updating the CRM.
  • Contact form API Integration – any contact or enquiry forms completed on the WordPress website are also pushed from the website into the CRM system, saving further time.

The streamlined e-commerce ordering process has helped increase orders through improving the customer experience, and saved Envirograf hours a week of admin whilst eliminating the chance of mistakes made by human error.

If you’re looking for an expert partner to support you with a bespoke WooCommerce store or WooCommerce CRM API integrations, we’d love to hear more. Get in touch with our friendly expert team today.

"Having a wide range of products in a market that’s not familiar to everyone was causing a navigation problem on our (old) website. We no longer receive calls from customers who are lost on our website."

Tomasz Krolak, Web/Graphic Design Co-ordinator, Envirograf

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