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Increasing traffic by 69% for the South East's leading law firm

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The brief

Cripps Pemberton Greenish is the largest law firm in the South East. They redesigned their website in 2014, but whilst it looked good, it wasn’t integrated effectively with WordPress causing days of unnecessary admin each month.

Additionally, they had 9 separate blogs which were visually inconsistent and meant they were loosing out on SEO value.

Cripps PG wanted to transfer their website to a long term website partner with specialist WordPress knowledge. They approached our expert WordPress developers in Kent to help them bring all their digital content under one roof, make content updates more efficient and improve the user experience.

Our results

Since Cripps PG transferred their bespoke WordPress website to us in 2014, we’ve worked with them closely on a number of website improvements. Some of our key achievements include:

  • Increase in traffic by almost 70% through successfully orchestrating the complex migration of these thousands of blog articles, with URL redirects to maintain their SEO value, into a new centralised blog.
  • Reduced admin time through centralising duplicated content into one editable area in WordPress to eliminate redundancies, and building custom reports so Cripps can stay on top of over 400+ employee profiles and legal content review dates.
  • 117% increase in speed through optimising the existing code and images and hosting the site on our ultra fast server, which more than doubled the speed of the site to result in happier visitors and improved SEO.

If you’ve got a WordPress website and you’d like to work with a new, responsive and proactive partner, please get in touch – we’d love to see how we can help. You can also find out more about our WordPress website transfers here.

"Your customer service is a breath of fresh air."

Mike Burton Chief Technology Officer, Cripps

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