If you believe what we believe, we’ll do great things together.

Aaron Taylor Six Two Tech

Make a difference

Knowing we’re making a positive difference to our customers, team and partners fills us with excitement and energy. Our mission is to transform our clients’ businesses with quality websites that show the world why they’re better than the competition, help them find new streams of revenue and turn more of their visitors into customers.

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Be brave

History is littered with projects where people say ‘in hindsight, we shouldn’t have done x or y’. Sometimes it takes bravery to look at the task in front of you and ask what the real goal is; to rip it up and start again; to have those honest and frank conversations.

Ben team Six Two Tech

Together we're greater

We can achieve more collaborating than through the individual sum of our parts. We see launching your website as the start of something great rather than the end of a project. We’ll support you as your company grows and aim for your goals to become our goals.

Beliefs page Six Two Tech

Don’t faff about

Time is a resource few can afford to waste. So we don’t. Our motto? Things only get done if you do them.

Team image Six Two web design in Kent

Have fun

We spend most of our lives at work. At the last count, the average number of lives per person was one. That’s why we only hire people who love what they do. If our web design team in Kent weren’t doing this for a living, they’d be doing it for fun.