Website Diagnostic

Start making informed choices about your current website. We'll explain what’s working and what’s not, helping you decide on the best route forward and correctly prioritise improvements.


How it works

A Website Diagnostic is composed of three reviews which can be conducted individually or together for the most comprehensive analysis of your current WordPress website:

  • An analytics review which analyses how your customers are using your site based on your website data. What pages do they visit? Where do they enquire? How do mobile customers differ from desktop? This enables us to make evidence based decisions rather than making assumptions based on subjective opinions.
  • A design review which evaluates how easy your site is to use and how well aligned it is to your business. Is it hitting the right notes for your target customers? Can they easily find what they’re looking for? Are they being directed towards enquiring? How could we keep more customers on your site for longer through great web design?
  • A technical audit which appraises the quality, security and search engine friendliness of your website’s code. It’s the equivalent of a car mechanic taking a look under the bonnet. A technical audit ascertains whether your current site is a viable platform for future development and highlights any fixes and improvements needed to be made.

Outcomes, options and priorities

The two most extreme outcomes of a diagnostic are that either your WordPress based website is in great condition and can easily be updated, or that it’s in bad condition and not worth trying to fix. Most websites end up somewhere in the middle.

Sometimes technical improvements are needed to ensure the code is secure and well organised, so our developers can make future changes without wasting hours digging through an unruly code base. And there are always improvements that can be made to the design, user experience and conversion rate. We analyse the impact and effort of these changes so it’s easy for you to see what represents the best return on investment and prioritise accordingly.

However, just like trying to replace all the parts of a rusty old car can be more expensive than buying a new car, if there are major and widespread issues across both your website’s design and code, it may be better value for money to start again with a brand new Foundation Website, Advanced Website or E-commerce Website.


For advice and a quote

We offer complimentary phone calls and face to face meetings where we listen carefully to your goals, define the brief and advise on the different options. After this we provide a proposal and quote that explains how we can help, what we will do, and exactly what you'll get.