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Appearing on the MMMashup radio show

Our CEO Aaron was a recent guest on MMMashup on Channel Radio Two. In the 60 minute programme he discusses what’s wrong with the web design industry and how he intends to help improve it, why getting a new website is like hiring a new team member and the first question to ask yourself when thinking about getting a new website. He also reveals the story behind Six Two. (Spoiler alert – it all started with a chance meeting in  the French Alps…)

Click here to hear the full podcast. If you don’t have time to listen to the whole programme, here are just a few of the highlights:

The web design industry isn’t good enough.

As an industry, our failure rate is too high – around 1 in 4 of all website and digital projects fail. You wouldn’t accept that in the construction industry – you wouldn’t buy a house from a company who claims ‘three out of four of our houses are still standing!’ We’re trying to shine a light on the fact this is happening and why.

This is partly due to the low barrier to entry. Unlike lawyers or doctors who have to pass rigorous exams and train for years, the barrier to web design is a laptop. And there isn’t a set of quality standards to follow unlike construction – it’s an unregulated industry with no rule book or agreed on processes to ensure quality, and that the end result is fit for purpose.

Another issue is that people don’t know the key questions to ask when sourcing a new website. It’s really hard for them to judge different web designers and spot the difference between the good guys and the cowboys.

We’re trying to raise the bar for the web design industry as a whole by empowering the people that matter the most: our customers. These are the people in charge of getting a new website or improving an existing one. These are the people who find themselves responsible for delivering a website for their organisation.

We want to give them the knowledge and tools they need to be able to have better informed and meaningful conversations with their suppliers. We want to help them make better buying decisions and spot the cowboys. If buyers are better informed, suppliers will have to up their game.

A website is more than your shop window. It’s your star team member.

When you’re looking to recruit, you wouldn’t hire someone you see on the street because you thought ‘they look nice’. You wouldn’t hire someone then leave them alone to do their job – you’d want to nurture them and make sure they’re doing OK. You’d want to watch them grow and learn. It’s the same with websites. You’ve got to constantly review the performance of your website if you want it to get better at its job.

Why do you need a website?

The first question we ask when people come to us for a website is ‘why?’ What are the specific challenges or problems you’re trying to solve: is it about improving sales or reduce manual admin? Maybe you want to help your customers help themselves and give your customer service team some support? Beware of rushing into the design before you fully understand why you need a new site.

When you know this, when you’re absolutely clear on the challenges you’re trying to overcome then it’s time to really drill down on the opportunity and put a price on it. If you want your website to triple your sales from £100,000 from £300,000 then your website is worth £200,000 to you. Now budget accordingly, because you can’t solve a £200-grand problem with a £200 budget.

Six Two have been delivering quality website design in Kent for over 10 years you want to hear more, including the story behind how Six Two got started, Click here to hear the full podcast.

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