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Appearing on the Business Bunker Xtra radio show

Our CEO Aaron recently featured as a guest on the Business Bunker Xtra show on Channel Radio Two. In the 60 minute programme he talked about websites, how important security is and how he believes that technology when done right can give you and your business superpowers. He was joined by Molly Wright from Molly Moodle Media and Paul Andrews on the show to continue the conversation from MMMashup radio show he appeared on the week before.

Click here to hear the full podcast. If you don’t have time to listen to the whole programme, here are just a few of our highlights:

Focus on the message, not the tools.

Many businesses believe that if they are on all of the social platforms they are going to have a bigger reach. However LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are just the tools that allow you to deliver a message. If the message isn’t the right one for your audience then you won’t gain engagement with your posts.

It’s the same with a website, it’s only as good as the message you put on it. Your content is your audience’s key to seeing how your business works, trust needs to be gained from the start. Businesses in today’s society care about collaboration and how to create the best solution for them through working together.

Security is a massively big thing for us.

Cyber security is something every individual thinks won’t affect them as it is something that happens to someone else. Therefore they don’t necessarily see it as a priority, with our customers who sign up to our hosting package we automatically include security as its key to keep your site safe and secure. We know that most of our sites are under attack at this current moment in time just like many other websites online. To find out more about our hosting and security service please click here.

You can still raise your profile, grow your business without a website.

Do I need a website? Is a key question that not enough people ask. We know many successful businesses that have managed to run for years without having a website. It’s all about finding the right platforms for you as a business ; rights things for the right people.

Our approach is about who your customers are and why they should care about what you do. You need to access how your audience are going to reach you, in the past we have recommended that potential customers should use social media to establish their business presence. Many people can get to great place in the industry just by having a successful Facebook page, being active on LinkedIn and going out to networking groups. Websites aren’t always the solution for the stage you are at with your company.

Read our blog on ‘The three most important questions to answer before you buy a website’ to find out whether a website is the right thing for you.

Six Two are a team of web experts offering web design in Kent that works. If you want to hear more, including the story behind how Six Two got started, Click here to listen to the full podcast.

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