Appearing on the BIG Ideas show

Our CEO Aaron featured as a guest on the BIG Ideas show with the host Liu Batchelor and other guest Luke Besant of Think Agency. The show is recording and put on the BIG Ideas show YouTube channel. The video contains a round of quick fire questions then the panel delve into the main topic of ‘Why marketers can’t market themselves’.

Watch the full video at the bottom of this post however if you don’t have time to watch the whole video, here are a few of our highlights:

Communication is key

Communication is often lacking enthusiasm and genuine conversation especially when it comes to communicating with clients, partners and other people in our industry. For us honesty is a huge thing to be able to communicate well as it helps to set expectations and builds trust between several people. Aaron likes to be inspired by other industry contacts by hearing their stories, many great things can be shared through the power of storytelling. In our industry and others similar to ours, it is important to collaborate and share our experience and knowledge with each other.

Why website design is a black box industry

A black box industry is an industry that lacks transparency and is opaque to anyone outside of that industry. We are just an envelope slot that people put their hopes and dreams into and hope that the outcome is good. Businesses in the web design industry still think that knowledge is important when in fact it’s implementation that people need.

We need to stop trying to create secrets and start sharing the information we know. Agencies in the web design industry need to start collaborating with one another in order to share our knowledge, empower our customers and each other.

If you want to hear more, including our CEO’s opinions on the topic of ‘Why marketers can’t market themselves, watch the full video below.

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