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Adding new users to WordPress

From time to time, you may want to add users to your WordPress site so that other people in your team may be able to edit or add posts and pages. When doing so, you may want to bare in mind the user levels built into WordPress as each one gives varying access to what the new user can do within WordPress.

The various user levels:

– Administrator
– Editor
– Author
– Contributor
– Subscriber

You may have more with different names depending on the plugins or theme you have installed on your WordPress site.

An administrator has access to all of the administration features within the site.

An editor can not only publish and manage their own posts but can also publish and manage the posts of other users.

An author can publish and manage their own posts.

A contributor can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.

A subscriber can only edit their own user profile.

Now that you know what each role has access to, lets create a new user.

Login to your WordPress site backend, generally located at (Note that some site administrators change the directory for security reasons, you should ask your developers if you are unable to access the default url for administration.)

In the left hand navigation sidebar, look for an item called “Users”. Hover over it with the mouse and select “Add new”.

Adding new users to WordPress blog - Six Two Tech

Fill out the form that appears. Notice that not all fields are required.

Click “Add new user”.

That’s it. Your new user has been created.

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